THE CUTTING EDGE: Emergency and Critical Care Skills Lab


Host: Emergency Medicine Physicians

10/17/2024 - 10/18/2024


CME 14 Hours

This two day 'hands on" course will provide full day of procedural instruction / practice in the cadaver lab and a full day ultrasound and airway instruction / practice. Each participant will demonstrate proficiency in each of the following procedures: Cadaver Lab: Endotracheal intubation Surgical airway management Needle thoracostomy Chest tube thoracostomy Central venous access Lumbar puncture Arthrocentesis Intra-osseous cannulation Wound care: I&D abscesses, suture repair Peripheral nerve blocks (facial, rib, wrist, ankle, femoral) Traumatic amputation demo Resuscitation thoracotomy demo Lateral canthotomy demo Non-Cadaver Lab Ultrasound Techniques, including vascular access, peripheral nerve blocks, and FAST exams for physicians – taught by EMsono EZ-IO demonstration station
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