Becoming a Forensic Medicine Expert Witness


Host: Forensic Medicine Section


12:00 PM - 1:00 PM Central time

Dr. Dan Field, a veteran emergency physician, forensic medicine expert witness, and the CMO of MDstaffers, will be delivering a presentation on "Becoming a Forensic Medicine Expert Witness." With over 30 years of experience in emergency medicine and a master's degree in forensic science, Dr. Field has been involved in approximately 80 cases since 2017, covering a wide range of forensic medicine aspects such as gunshot wounds, assault, domestic violence, strangulation, murder, grave bodily injury, cause of death analysis, child abuse, sex crimes, and car crashes. The presentation aims to both educate and entertain, providing a look into the world of forensic medicine and forensic science. Dr. Field will share his opinions on the optimal skill set for the forensic medicine expert witness, the preparation required for court, the outline of a report, and a description of the key players in the courtroom drama. Drawing from his extensive experience, Dr. Field will share courtroom do's and don'ts and delve into the topic of compensation, providing insights into the typical expert witness fees. This presentation will be a useful overview for anyone interested in the field of forensic medicine expert witnessing, providing a unique perspective from a seasoned participant who has been qualified in federal, superior, district, military, and administrative courts.

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