Advanced Critical Care Ultrasound


Host: Gulfcoast Ultrasound Institute

9/12/2024 - 9/13/2024


CME 16 Hours

The Advanced Critical Care Ultrasound Live Training Course is designed to build on the knowledge base of experienced emergency medicine and critical care ultrasound professionals using the most up-to-date ACEP/WINFOCUS advanced ultrasound topics. This course is taught by leading emergency medicine & critical care ultrasound experts and incorporates comprehensive lectures, interactive case presentations, and extensive hands-on scanning sessions. The hands-on scanning sessions feature a 3:1 participant to expert faculty ratio with standardized patient models and inanimate phantoms to allow the learner to immediately integrate skills leaned into clinical practice. Each participant also receives scanning checklists for reference purposes and a case log of exams performed that may be used for hospital credentialing purposes. For the most comprehensive Critical Care Ultrasound education, combine this program with the Introductory level course to augment knowledge/competence and improve scanning skills. A combined tuition discount is offered along with cost-savings associated with travel expenses.
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