ACEP Physician Wellness Retreat


Host: American College of Emergency Physicians

11/14/2022 - 11/17/2022

Tucson, Arizona

Being an emergency physician is a calling but can, at times, feel like a burden.

Are you feeling burned out? Have you lost some of your joy in serving? Maybe you're struggling with depression, either newly presented or a constant companion of many years. Possibly the pressure of the past few years has simply left you feeling numb.

ACEP wants to offer you a time and space for healing.

We are partnering with Miraval, one of the country’s premier wellness retreats, to provide our members a unique healing experience -- one that can enhance mental wellbeing and foster a sense of spiritual resilience.

Join us Nov. 14-17, 2022 for the ACEP Physician Wellness Retreat, hosted by Miraval in Tuscon, AZ.

A unique curriculum has been developed specifically for physicians.

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