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Since its inception, EM Wellness Week has grown in participation from emergency physicians worldwide. Many have taken the time and effort to develop Wellness Week activities in their countries that syncs with the efforts in North America.

Below is just some of the international support for ACEP's EM Wellness Week. If you also are coordinating activities outside of the United States or have placed an emphasis on emergency medicine wellness, please let us know! Send a message to and we will be in touch!

Irish Association for Emergency Medicine

IAEM logo.jpgWhen we discuss physician wellness, it tends to lead us to check on burnout rates. In Ireland, there had been little or no investigation into physician burnout until our study published last year. Of course, by the time individual burnout is measured as present - it can be argued that any healthy balance is already lost. It is also very important that depression or other mental health disorders are not mistaken and in fact ‘written off’ as burnout.

In our study, Chernoff et al, (2018) which covered a cross section of staff, we found that the short, 16-item Oldenburg Burnout Inventory (OLBI) was a valid and reliable measure of burnout in healthcare systems. We found 70% of our emergency department physicians screened positive for burnout. Interestingly, a history of Depression was found to be significantly associated with a self-report of burnout in the cohort measured, which included nursing staff, radiographers, porters & administration staff. Read more from the study and Ireland’s next steps in a letter posted here.

Australasian College for Emergency Medicine

ACEM Logo 2.pngACEM is the not-for-profit organization responsible for training emergency physicians and advancement of professional standards in emergency medicine in Australia and New Zealand.

We are pleased to share the work and wellbeing of our members and trainees who prioritize wellbeing through a range of initiatives.. Find out more online.

Dutch Society of Emergency Physicians

DSEPLogo2.pngIn the Netherlands, Emergency Medicine is a relatively young specialty, as we are acknowledged by the Dutch Medical Board since 2009. We worked very hard to gain respect from other specialties and to acquire our position in the Dutch Health Care System. We have done quite well as so far as only a minority of a few hospitals excluded all Dutch Hospitals are now staffed with qualified Emergency Physicians who practice Emergency Medicine on a high level. Wellness wise, it is now time to focus on the Dutch workforce sustainability. We acquired our position. Now we are here to stay. 24/7.

As a subcommittee, Dutch physician wellness, we are currently focusing on collecting data and performing research on burnout among Dutch EM physicians. We are collaborating to introduce a task force for workforce sustainability. We are enrolling a peer-to-peer support project to provide support emergency doctors after a PSI with peer support of an emergency doctor. We would be delighted to share knowledge with other international wellness committee on these and other physician wellness topics.

Canadian Association of Emergency Physicians

The Emergency Medicine Wellness Special Interest Group advocates for and promotes the personal and professional wellbeing of Emergency Physicians across Canada. The CAEP EM Wellness Committee is pleased to summarize the efforts made toward physician wellness over the past year. We are grateful for the support of our head office, our tireless committee members, and the CAEP president. Read the report here.

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