ACEP’s Communication Master Class

PR for the ER: ACEP’s Communication Master Class*, is a short, yet comprehensive set of training videos designed to provide you with the fundamentals of effective communications. From overcoming speech anxiety and preparing for an on-camera media interview, to tackling tough questions and using storytelling to drive home your message—in this one-hour training course, you will learn from your peers and professional communication experts the latest tips and techniques to make you a captivating and compelling spokesperson.

Developed in partnership with The Communication Center, this Master Class comprises four, 15-minute videos each aimed at enhancing specific PR skills, which you can watch at your convenience.

Part 1: Communication: It’s Your Practice
In this video we cover core concepts of communications; overcoming speech anxiety; how to tailor your message for your audience; and establishing executive presence.
Part 2: Strategic Communication: From Complexity to Clarity
In this video we cover developing strong messages; the language of leadershiphow to open and close presentations; and critical preparation.
Part 3: Smart Messages for Tough Questions
In this video we cover handling tough questions; staying out of the hot seat; and tactics for Q&As.
Part 4: Mastering the Art of Storytelling
In this video we cover the importance of storytelling; story types; elements and framework; and delivery.

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*The courses are only accessible with an ACEP member login.