May 7, 2021

Calling All Mentors: The Global EM Student Leadership Program

The Global Emergency Medicine Student Leadership Program (GEMS LP), formerly known as the International Ambassador Mentorship Program (AMP), was created in 2018 through a partnership between EMRA’s Medical Student Council and the ACEP International Section. The motivation behind its formation included the lack of Emergency Medicine (EM) as a specialty or its infancy in many countries worldwide, the desire to increase understanding and development of EM abroad, as well as the need for more guidance for EM-bound medical students who have a strong interest in global health. 

Throughout the year-long curriculum, GEMS LP connects EMRA medical student members interested in global emergency medicine (GEM) with ACEP International Section mentors. The program recruits mentors that have the experience and passion to provide guidance and further educate the students on GEM as well as general EM principles, such as professionalism, leadership, teamwork, research, humanitarian work, and ethics. Students are engaged in global health development activities through participation in monthly journal clubs, a GEM academic project, mentorship meetings with GEMS LP mentors, and the ACEP International Ambassador Conference.

GEMS LP would not be possible without our dedicated mentors. We would like to extend our sincere thanks to our 2021/22 mentors:

Alexandra Asrow, Italy
Andres Patiño, Ecuador and Colombia
Anthony Rodigin, Russia
Arunabha Nandi, India
Elizabeth DeVos, Paraguay
Gayle Galletta, Norway
Getaw Worku Hassen, Ethiopia
Mulinda Nyirenda, Malawi
Nicole Tyczynska, Poland
Stacey Chamberlain, Uganda

We would also like to express our gratitude for Stephanie Garbern and Anthony Rodigin who came onboard as GEMS LP attending Co-Directors this year!

In order to provide the appropriate level of guidance and education to the mentees participating in the program, GEMS LP needs a diverse, qualified group of mentors who represent ACEP and are actively playing a role in enhancing the sustainable development of emergency medicine internationally. As a mentor, you can provide a lasting impact in GEM by developing and molding the future minds of the field through working with medical students interested in a career in global health. By working cooperatively with your mentees on longitudinal projects, the students not only contribute to current projects, but also learn how to develop their own innovative ideas that will propel GEM forward as a field. This year, we are seeking qualified mentors from the following groups: the ACEP International Ambassadors Teams and ACEP International Section members who are either Attendings or GEM Fellows. Mentor applications are available by clicking on this link or by emailing us at The deadline for 2021/22 GEMS LP mentor applications is June 15th, 2021!

For more information on GEMS LP and how you can get involved as a mentor, mentee, or journal club participant please visit: or email the program leadership at

Mentees have until June 30th to submit their applications at:

Many Thanks,
The GEMS LP Leadership Team

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