October 7, 2019

World Health Assembly Resolution 72.16

Health ministers from 194 countries convene annually as the World Health Assembly (WHA) in order to discuss and detail the priorities of the World Health Organization (WHO). The theme this year was “Universal Health Coverage: Leaving No-one Behind.”

Delegates from Ethiopia and Eswatini decided that it was time to make the development of emergency care systems one of those priorities and proposed resolution 72.16, “Emergency care systems for Universal Health Coverage: ensuring timely care for the acutely ill and injured”, which was passed unanimously.

The resolution encourages member states to promote Emergency care as a key component of Universal Health Coverage. It asks that they integrate EMS and EDs into their overall health strategies and that they create a universal emergency number like 911. Training programs for all levels of clinicians are advocated. The full text of the resolution can be found here.

If you are interested in enhancing emergency care globally, you now have the weight of the WHO supporting you.

Barbra Villona

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