December 17, 2019

ACEP19 Council Meeting Update

ACEP held its 2019 Council Meeting during the Scientific Assembly in Denver, CO. The Council is the body that votes on resolutions that direct the ACEP board and committees for the year. Camilo Gutierrez and I were pleased to represent the International Section at this meeting.

Three full days of meetings and discussion on each individual resolution by the three reference committees yielded the following results: Overall 44 resolutions were confirmed, 6 referred and 11 not adopted or withdrawn. 

An exciting part for our section was Resolution 45(19) which was co-submitted by the International EM Section and the Social EM Section in support of medical neutrality. Medical neutrality is the ethical obligation of medical professionals to treat the sick and injured without discrimination on the basis of religion, race, or political affiliation. There was a significant amendment made to the resolution which excluded some types of armed conflict.

Resolution 45 Medical Neutrality (as amended)

RESOLVED, That ACEP develop a policy statement in support of medical neutrality when personnel coordinate activities through established channels via non-governmental organizations, government organizations, or other official response agencies.

Final wording on the statement will be determined after the resolution is sent to committee and we are eager to see ACEP support medical providers who care for those in conflict zones internationally. As always, we welcome suggestions for next year's ACEP resolutions.

The EM International Section has received one appeal so far requesting ACEP's endorsement of Resolution A72/31 of the 72nd World Health Assembly of the WHO titled "Emergency and Trauma Care- Emergency Care Systems for Universal Health Coverage: Ensuring Timely Care for the Acutely Ill and Injured"

The sooner we get your requests the better, as there is a process of writing and submitting resolutions. Careful editing is important in order to maximize the opportunity to pass.

Please welcome Dr. Jesica Bravo as Alternate Councillor for the 2020 year! We are very excited to have for the first time an ACEP International EM Section Member who resides and works outside of the US representing our section at the Council.

Jeff Nielson, Camilo E Gutierrez

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