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The International Ambassador Program is an ACEP Board of Directors initiative administered by our Section. By designating specific ACEP members as Ambassadors to other countries and by sharing lessons learned among all participants, we hope to further our mission of promoting the specialty of emergency medicine worldwide.

Participants must be ACEP members throughout their two-year term and should be actively involved in the ongoing, sustainable development of emergency care outside of the United States (US). The roles and requirement are described below. For more details, please visit Ambassador Program Guidelines.

Roles and Duties


US-based Attending Emergency Physician. Ideally, the Ambassador has established connections with two or more in-country ACEP members from different facilities willing to act as Liaisons. Ambassadors work with their in-country Liaisons and, when in existence, that country’s EM society. Their activities may include but are not limited to clinical mentorship, didactic teaching, curriculum creation, educational conferences organization, research, health systems development, and/or EM specialty society formation. As Ambassadors represent ACEP when in-country, they are asked to avoid directly influencing political decisions, instead assuming the role of facilitator and information source. Ambassadors are required to submit an annual Country Report but may delegate this duty to the Deputy Ambassador or resident Representative. Each Ambassador is required to attend at least one Ambassador Conference during their two-year term.

Deputy Ambassador

There may be multiple Deputy Ambassadors per country. The requirements and responsibilities are similar to those of the Ambassador. Deputy Ambassadors act in a supportive role to the Ambassador.


Non-US-based attending/consultant physicians working to advance emergency care in their country. They should have an established connection with the Ambassador and be eager to engage in interprofessional, interfacility and regional collaborations. They will be expected to provide much of the information needed to complete the annual Country Report. There may be multiple Liaisons per country.

Resident Representative

US-based Emergency Medicine Resident acting under the supervision of the Ambassador. Representatives are expected to assist in development of the annual Country Report, facilitate at least one educational activity in the assigned country, and attend one international EM conference during their term.

Ambassador Program Application Process

Applications will be reviewed twice a year (deadlines January 31st and July 31st). Applications undergo committee review and ACEP President approval after the deadlines. We appreciate your patience and will reply to you as soon as the review process has been completed.

Step 1

Read the Ambassador Program Guidelines to get a better understanding of the following topics.

  • Qualifications
  • Roles and Responsibilities
  • Position/Program Funding
  • Appointment Term
  • Country Representation
  • Organization Representation
  • Application Process

View Guidelines

Fill out the application on Google Forms at the link below. The form will require you to answer questions about the following:

  • Current Curriculum Vitae (CV)
  • ACEP ID number
  • Country of interest
  • Relevant experience in developing emergency medicine
  • Established international contacts.
  • Ties to developing emergency medicine.
  • Familiarity with primary language and culture.
  • Disclosure statement regarding all organization affiliations, family political ties and/or other potential conflicts of interest in the region OR statement of no conflict of interest.

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