AUDIO: State Medical Society Leaders Call - April 2012



I. Call to Order/Welcome  David Seaberg, MD, FACEP
II. Medicaid and Non-Emergency Visits  
  • ACEP Initiatives
Dr. Seaberg
  • The Washington State Experience
Stephen Anderson, MD, FACEP
III. Liability Reform  
  • Federal Efforts (HR 5 and HR157)
Dr. Seaberg
IV. Out-of-Network Payment Issues  
  • FAIR Health Database
Dr. Seaberg
V. Other ACEP Initiatives  
  • Transitions of Care
Dr. Seaberg
  • Sedation
Andrew Sama, MD, FACEP
  • Delivery System Reform Task Force
Dennis Beck, MD, FACEP
  • Hospital Contracts: Indemnification Clauses
Paul Kivela, MD, FACEP
VI. AMA Section Council Update Brooks Bock, MD, FACEP 
VII. Other State Medical Society and Chapter Issues:  
  • Washington Pain Management Initiative
Dr. Anderson
  • Maryland Board Certification Advertising
David A. Hexter, MD, FACEP
  • Getting ACEP Members Engaged in
    State Medical Societies
James Dudley, MD, MBA, FACEP
  • Other Issues
VIII. Closing Remarks

Dr. Seaberg

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