March 30, 2021

2019-2020 Annual Report

American College of Emergency Physicians

Section of Medical Humanities
2019-2020 Annual Report


Officers for 2019-2020:


Seth C. Hawkins, MD, FACEP

Immediate Past Chair

Robert C. Solomon, MD, FACEP


Peter J. Paganussi, MD, FACEP

Newsletter Editor

Peter J. Paganussi, MD, FACEP


Zayir Malik, MD

Alternate Councillor

Robert C. Solomon, MD, FACEP

Board Liaison

Gabor Kelen, MD, FACEP

One newsletter was published in December 2019. The next one is due in December 2020.

Social Media
A section Facebook page was created in March 2014. Several section members, the section Chair, and the section liaison are page managers, posting written articles and art and music pieces by section members as well as general announcements pertaining to the medical humanities. A Twitter account was created in November 2015 to increase the section’s social media presence and also actively generates tweets and retweets supporting the mission of the section.

ACEP 20 Meeting Summary
The fourteenth annual Writing Award - Prose was given this year; next year’s award process will begin in June 2021. The eighth Visual Arts Award was given this year; next year’s award process will begin in June 2021. The third Writing Award – Poetry was given this year; next year’s award process will begin in June 2021.

Section Grants
The section was awarded a grant in June 2018 to create a book collecting the past Writing and Visual Arts Award winners, entitled “Emergency Medicine Narratives: Emergency Medical Humanities Collection.” This book was published in summer 2020 and is available in the ACEP bookstore.

2020-2021 Activities as Related to Section Objectives
The section plans to pursue various projects including increasing membership, soliciting submissions for the annual Writing Award and Visual Arts Award, and expanding the Facebook page and other forms of social media to widen our visibility and encourage more people to join the section. We will continue to promote and update the Humanities at the Bedside Web resource as well as Emergency Medicine Narratives, the new book publishing the winners of our medical humanities awards over the past dozen years. We intend to hold informal section meetings via Zoom throughout the year, to exchange ideas about projects and enjoy fellowship. We will discuss clinical interfaces with the medical humanities and suggest concrete activities to achieve this goal.



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