January 10, 2019

2018 Meeting Minutes

October 3, 2018
San Diego, CA

Participating in all or part of the meeting were: Cindy C. Bitter, MD, FACEP; Henry A. Curtis, MD, FACEP; Arthur Derse, MD, JD, FACEP; Matthew Dettmer, MD; J. Shane Hardin, MD, PhD; Seth C. Hawkins, MD, FACEP; Thomas L. Miller, MD; Cameron Mozayan, MD; Nicholas J. Sausen, MD; Robert C. Solomon, MD, FACEP.

Others participating: Tracy Napper, ACEP staff liaison.


1. Call to Order

2. Current Activities

A. Newsletter update

B. Writing Award for 2018

C. Visual Arts Award for 2018

D. Section grant update

E. Council update

3.  Adjourn

Major Points Discussed

The meeting was called to order by section chair Robert C. Solomon, MD, FACEP. He welcomed everyone and asked everyone present to introduce themselves. Dr. Derse reminded everyone of two upcoming humanities conferences: the Health Humanities Conference at DePaul University in Chicago (https://healthhumanitiesconsortium.com/conferences-2/2019-chicago/) and the Examined Life conference in Iowa (https://examinedlifeconference.com/).

2. New Business

A. Ms. Napper asked everyone to please send newsletter articles to Dr. Paganussi. Dr. Solomon asked members to submit stories of their experiences with humanities at the bedside, in practice or teaching, including patient life stories.

B. Ms. Napper announced that the 2018 Writing Award, prose division, went to Alexandra Godfrey, PA-C, for “The Stock Yards.” Ms. Godfrey also won last year for her piece, “Innocence.” Anne Merritt, MD, won the poetry division for “Hummingbird.”

C. Dr. Nick Sausen received the 2018 Visual Arts Award for his artwork, “Smooth Sailing.” The winning pieces will be published in the next newsletter.

D. Dr. Hawkins gave an update on the section grant project, an ebook that will collect all of the previous Writing Award and Visual Arts awards. He is collating the pieces, collecting copyright forms, writing the introduction, and soliciting a foreword.

Ms. Napper reminded section members of the previous section grant project, “Medical Humanities at the Bedside.” The Web site is available to all ACEP members. Members are invited to use the program and provide comments. The site is located at https://www.acep.org/humanities-at-the-bedside/. More resources for the Resource tab are needed.

E. Dr. Hawkins and Dr. Solomon reported on the proceedings of the ACEP Council meeting. They provided the ACEP election results and discussed other section-related news.

F. Dr. Solomon reminded members that residents receive one free section, so please encourage your residents to join the section. He also recommended two books by section alternate councillor, David Sklar, including “La Clinica” and “Atlas of Man.” Dr. Hawkins said that his column, “Words Matter” for EM News is accepting guest submissions. Ms. Napper reminded members to use ACEP’s new online engagement platform, engagED, in which section members are already enrolled. Members can email each other, share documents online, and use other features of the forum. The website is https://engaged.acep.org/home.

The meeting was adjourned.