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Medical Humanities Section


  1. To provide a forum for ACEP members interested in fine arts, literature, the humanities research, and the humanistic social sciences

  2. To promote the utilization of literature, arts and the humanities in the instruction of emergency physicians

  3. To promote the medical humanities as a source and means of lifelong learning for emergency physicians.

  4. To promote the application of humanities theories and methods, derived from philosophy, English, literary theory, the social sciences, the arts, rhetoric and ethics to investigate the social and cultural dynamics of emergency medicine.

  5. To enhance the opportunities for ACEP members to increase their literary or artistic output

  6. To create collegial alliances and research opportunities for humanities and social science scholars in emergency medicine, and to promote the publication of medical humanities research

  7. To create avenues for showcasing the artistic and literary achievements of emergency medicine physicians

  8. To serve as a resource for ACEP members and the ACEP board of directors for the application of literature, arts and the humanities to emergency medicine

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Dr. Baruch on ACEP Frontline

Host of 'ACEP Frontline' Dr. Ryan Stanton and Dr. Jay Baruch discuss medical humanities, its focus and goals in emergency medicine, and the role of a physician as an educator. Listen to the Audio Podcast. Released on January 16, 2017. 

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