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Wilderness Medicine

Race Medicine: A Video Podcast Reviewing the Management of Illness and Injury during Endurance Events

Emergency Medicine practitioners are the most common medical directors and staff for both recreational and professional racing competitions. In spite of this, there is little formal training specific to the illnesses and injuries that athletes sustain during these events. The purpose of this race medicine video series is to fill an educational gap for those providing care at endurance events so as to improve the care provided to these athletes. This is a 7 video series. Each video covers a topic related to race medicine from an overview to preparation and an approach to specific illnesses and injuries.

We would like to thank the Wilderness Medicine and Sports Medicine Sections of ACEP for their contributions. 

Sports Medicine content:
Anna Waterbrook, MD, FACEP, CAQ-SM
Christopher Trigger, MD, CAQ-SM
Moira Davenport, MD
John Anderson, MD
Kori Hudson, MD

Wilderness Medicine content:
Linda Sanders, MD, MA, DiMM
Geoff Comp, DO, FAWM
Mario Soto, MD, FAWM, DiMM
Brian Dye, MD
Deena Wasserman, MD, FAWM
Michael Messina, MD

Linda Sanders, MD, MA, DiMM
Mario Soto, MD
Brian Dye, MD
Will Denq, MD
Tiffany Sin, DO

Film Crew:
Rush Olson

We would like to thank RockTape for their donation of kinesiology tape featured in the video demonstrations. 


Funding Acknowledgment

The development of this video podcast series was supported by a section grant of the American College of Emergency Physicians awarded to the ACEP Wilderness Medicine and Sports Medicine Sections.

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