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Suicide and Patients in Your ED

The ED can be a critical interventional point for the care and management of people considering or recovering from suicide attempts. Here are some resources to help you spot, manage, treat, and help to heal behavioral emergencies.

ACEP Resources

Clinical Policy: Critical Issues in the Diagnosis and Management of the Adult Psychiatric Patient in the ED

Refinement to Psychiatric Clinical Policy 

Discussing a Suicide Attempt in the Family with Children

The Needs Of Incarcerated ED Patients

Psychiatric Patients in the Emergency Department

Intervention During, after ED Visit May Reduce Suicide Attempts

How to Tell Whether a Psychiatric Emergency is Due to Disease or Psychological Illness

Suicidal and Refusing Physical Examination: Clinical Conundrum

Pediatric Mental Health Emergencies in the Emergency Medical Services System

The PsySTART Rapid Mental Health Triage System

Mental Health and Substance Abuse Resources

Bombings and Mental Health

Textbook: Behavioral Emergencies for the Emergency Physician

Annals: Health Care Usage and Risk Screening Within One Year of Suicide Death

Annals: Snapchat Toxicology: Social Media and Suicide

Annals: Reducing Suicide Risk: Challenges and Opportunities in the Emergency Department

Annals: Computerized Screening for Major Depressive Disorder and Suicide Risk in an Emergency Department

Annals: Managing Suicidal Patients in the ED

Annals: Linking Suicide Attempt Patients With Community Support Programs: The Effect of a Crisis Intervention Team Operating in the Emergency Department

Annals: Are There Tools to Screen Children and Adolescents in the Emergency Department With Mental Health and Substance Abuse Issues?

Annals: “Sometimes You Feel Like the Freak Show”: A Qualitative Assessment of Emergency Care Experiences Among Transgender and Gender-Nonconforming Patients

Annals: Trends Among Emergency Department Visits for Suicide-Related Diagnoses, 2008-2014

Health Issues To Consider Among Transgender Patients

Firearms and Suicide

External Resources

MD Mag - Safety Planning & Improved Outcomes of Care

NIH: Suicide Risk Screening Toolkit for Medical Settings

NIH: EDs & Their Significant Role in Reducing Suicide Attempts

NIH: Life-Saving Post-ER Suicide Prevention Strategies are Cost Effective

NIH: Therapy Reduces Risk in Suicidal Youth

NIH: Predicting Suicide With EHRs

Reporting On Suicide: Recommendations for Reporting on Suicide

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