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Wellness Section

Resources for Emergency Physician Mental Health Care

Being an emergency physician means coming into contact with traumatic stress many times a day, every day, for the course of a careers. Taking care of yourself helps you take care of your patients better. Here are collected resources that may help you.

ACEP Resources

ACEP Wellness Shirts & Gear

Wellness Section

Wellness Week

Well-Being Committee

Emergency Physician Resilience

Helping Others Overcome Burnout

Get Some Sleep! Shiftwork Sleep Disorder

Coping with EMR Stress 

Tactics for Managing Emotionally Difficult Cases

Recognizing The Road To Burnout, And What To Do

The Burden of Burnout

How Physicians, Health Care Workers Can Handle Depression, Burnout, and Suicidal Thoughts

Physician Suicide

Litigation Stress Resources

Burnout Resources

Health Care Provider PTSD 

Health Resources For Emergency Physicians

Wellness In The Workplace

Wellness Throughout Your Emergency Medicine Career

CORD National Physician Suicide Awareness Day

CORD Wellness Resources

CORD Wellness Champions

CORD Wellness Videos

CORD Mini-Fellowship in Wellness Leadership

CORD Suicide Prevention and Postvention Resources

External Resources

Physician Suicide Overview

Physicians Have The Highest Professional Suicide Rate

The Scourge of Physician Suicide

How Medicine Fails Physicians With Mental Health Crises

It's Not Just Another Physician Suicide

What I've Learned From Studying Physician Suicide

When Doctors Commit Suicide, Its Often Covered Up

Suicide is Much Too High For US Physicians

Doctors Reckon with Profession High Suicide Rates

Health Care Professional Burnout and Suicide

National Suicide Prevention Month

PPE and Wellness in the ED

The Amazing Way this Hospital is Battling Physician Burnout

Alarming Report of Physician Burnout (VIDEO)

4 Main Causes of Physician Burnout (VIDEO)

SGEM Burnout (VIDEO)

Physician Career Satisfaction & Work-Life Balance (VIDEO)

What to Expect From Litigation (VIDEO)

Why EPs Get Sued (VIDEO)

Compassion Fatigue (VIDEO)

What is Compassion Fatigue? (VIDEO)

What is an Impaired Physician? (VIDEO)

How to Recognize A Drug-Impaired Coworker (VIDEO)

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