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Jason Hack, MD, FACEP
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Jason HackThis issue of ACEP’s Tox Section newsletter—Toxicology.doc—is an unusual one. We will officially only be doing administrative announcements and advisements. I did want to give you food for thought and at the end, something enjoyable to look at.

In August, I was an invited speaker at the Rhode Island Impaired Driving Prevention Alliance Summit meeting. The meeting’s goal was to bring together all the stakeholders involved in trying to bring the number of alcohol related motor vehicle crash deaths to zero in the state. It was an impressively attended gathering of law enforcement leadership, judiciary, Department of Transportation and AAA, all committed to working towards the attainment of this goal. 

There is no reason that this cannot be a declared goal of every State in the union. When people on the street were recently asked “how many drunk driving deaths will happen in the state this year?” answers ranged from “10-100”. When asked “how many drunk driving deaths are acceptable in your family?” the unanimous answer was “absolutely zero”. Framed correctly, this is an initiative I imagine everyone would support. 

As medical toxicologists we can and should work with our state legislators to bring this goal to fulfillment. With our specialized understanding of the issues in intoxication and awareness of epidemiologic factors we are ideally placed to continue to encourage that attention and measures should be dedicated to this end.

The ACEP Conference is a great opportunity to get together with likeminded doctors and brainstorm about how to bring these goals to fruition—Network away!

As always, if you have any comments, corrections or questions about this newsletter, feel free to contact me via email.

Jason Hack, MD, FACEP



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