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Tactical Emergency Medicine

Tactical Emergency Medicine Newsletters

ACEP Tactical Emergency Medicine Section 2019 Fall Newsletter

Hello and welcome back to the ACEP TEMS Newsletter! This Fall we have a combination of awesome topics. We will explore everything from an in-depth look at resuscitation and trauma management to a review of the hottest new portable ultrasound device the Butterfly Q. We also have a few topics to bring everyone up to speed on some new happenings in the TEMS section and updates on recent events. Thank you for taking the time to read the newsletter – we hope you have found that these more frequent and concise newsletters have been more digestible.  We look forward to seeing everyone around the corner at ACEP 2019 in Denver and as always if you are interested in writing for the newsletter please don't hesitate to reach out!


New newsletter format – The College is exploring adopting a new newsletter format for the sections and the Tactical Emergency Medicine Section is testing the new format. Instead of sending out all of the articles together at the same time in a traditional newsletter format, we will be spacing them out over a few weeks by posting them on the section engagED and the section web page as individual articles initially. The thought is this will help keep the member interest high before the annual meeting and maybe stimulate more member discussion on the section engagED. Then after the section meeting at ACEP19, we will send out a compilation of all the articles with the highlights of the section meeting included. We will repeat the process for the next newsletter if the response to this new format is positive. Please let us know if you like this new format for the newsletter and be sure and watch for more articles to come over the next week or so.


Dr. Faroukh Mehkri

ACEP TEMS Newsletter Editor


A closer look into the initial assessment, deeper dive, and management of airway protection

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