Quality Improvement & Patient Safety

Safety / Quality Directors Toolbox

This section will offers select content topics and links to tested tools and techniques that may assist ED managers and quality/safety officers with their administrative duties as they relate to quality and safety.


 ED Toolkit Databases



Urgent Matters Toolkit

The Urgent Matters Toolkit is a collection of strategies and tools designed to target specific issues facing hospital emergency departments.

Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality (AHRQ) Toolkit

The AHRQ offers practical, research-based tools and other resources to help a variety of health care organizations, providers, and others make care safer in all health care settings.

Acute Post Resuscitation Debriefing (APRD) Toolkit

The APRD toolkit was developed to help physicians and departments learn from each resuscitation event and provide support to the involved staff to identify latent safety threats to  improve care of subsequent patients, and improve multidisciplinary communication and resilience.

Sample APRD Form



 Quality Improvement   Resources



IHI How to Improve

The Institute for Healthcare Improvement (IHI) uses the Model for Improvement as the framework to guide improvement work. The Model for Improvement, was developed by Associates in Process Improvement and is a simple, yet powerful tool for accelerating improvement. 

IHI Quality Improvement Essentials Toolkit

IHI’s QI Essentials Toolkit includes the tools and templates you need to launch a successful quality improvement project and manage performance improvement. 


 Topic Specific Case Studies




Hand Hygiene

Safer Sign Out Protocol


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