Funded Section Grants

ACEP is proud to have funded the following projects under the Section Grant Program. Don’t delay. Get involved and use this valuable resource. Download the Section Grant Manual (PDF) for more information.


Section Grant Product Year Awarded
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The ACEP Wilderness and Sports Medicine Sections received an ACEP section grant and collaborated to create a Race Medicine podcast series, consisting of 7 videos. This series provides insight into the special circumstances and considerations surrounding emergency practice in endurance race environments. May 2019


Practical Guide to Critical Ultrasound, Vol. 1

Practical Guide to Critical Ultrasound Vol. 2

The Practical Guide to Critical Ultrasound iBook in 2 volumes is a free resource for point-of-care users caring for patients in emergency and critical care environments. We designed this interactive image and narrated video focused book to be a quick reference and a just-in-time learning tool. October 2018


Defining Emergency Telehealth: A systematic review of the literature to describe the practice of unscheduled acute care through telehealth

A White Paper which provides a formal definition of emergency telehealth and describes relevant quality metrics that have been studied within the papers reviewed.  Also provided is a gap analysis, identifying topics in need of further study. September 2018


Humanities at the Bedside

Online curriculum consisting of four modules: Endings, Boundaries, Humor, Connections. These “umbrella” titles are thematically open to interpretation. Each module contains individual sessions designed around a reading or sample of visual media, with a study guide and exercises related to the topic. February 2018


Toxicology Simulation Library

A library of 30 toxicology simulation cases covering 21 topics that are peer reviewed by medical toxicologists, standardized in format, present up-to-date treatment recommendations, diverse in topics, and freely available to everyone to use as teaching tools for all learners, including medical students, emergency medicine residents, medical toxicology fellows, and others.  January 2018


Perspectives - Women in Emergency Medicine
A compilation of candid, inspiring personal essays that provide intimate, profound reflections about what it means to be a woman in emergency medicine - both personally and professionally. Produced by AAWEP, the book tackles sensitive topics such a mortality, motherhood, workplace discrimination cultural violence, pregnancy, and much more. Featuring a foreword by Dr. Pamela Bensen and afterword by Dr. Nancy Auer. November 2017

Available for purchase in the ACEP bookstore


Working in Fours--Understanding and Facilitating Intergenerational Communication for Women in Emergency Medicine
The project team developed and distributed a survey to identify trends relevant to intergenerational communication. Results were used to research and produce a toolkit for encouraging intergenerational communication specific to women in Emergency Medicine and useful to AAWEPand ACEP leaders interested in proactively addressing generation differences among clinical teams. September 2017

View/download the toolkit

7 Step Challenge
Video discussing older adult fall epidemiology, fall-associated morbidity and mortality, fall risk factors and how to prevent falls. The video is hosted on an ACEP webpage, as well as a freely available link allowing patients and providers access. June 2017

The Contribution of Mentoring for Female Resident Physicians
As a component of a larger qualitative study, the authors surveyed 23 female Emergency Medicine (EM) PGY1, 2, and 3 residents about the role that mentoring played in their career development. The authors are seeking publication in scientific journals. May 2017.

Summary of responses


CARE (Current Anticipatory guidance Recommendations and Education)

Anticipatory guidelines for physicians to give patients to allow for better home care. These guidelines go beyond typical discharge paperwork to supply family with ways to care for their children at home and information that is provided in written form for easy reference. March 2017


Musculoskeletal Exam Series

These video tutorials were created to assist emergency physicians in their evaluation and diagnosis of musculoskeletal conditions in the ED. They provide overviews of high-yield, ED-focused physical exams of the musculoskeletal system. They can be used for quick reference in the ED, or as an instructional module for emergency medicine residency programs. We hope that you will increase your confidence in managing musculoskeletal complaints with this resource. March 2017


Point-of-Care OB Ultrasound

An essential resource for the initial evaluation of the acutely ill or injured obstetrical patient. Written by experts in both emergency medicine and obstetrics, whether the patient is in the first, second, or third trimester, this ACEP book covers the critical obstetrical conditions you need to be able to diagnose with point-of-care ultrasound. Each chapter contains referenced text, key points, pearls, and numerous videos and image banks. September 2016.

This book is available for download with iBooks on your Mac or iOS device. Multi-touch books can be read with iBooks on your Mac or iOS device. Books with interactive features may work best on an iOS device. iBooks on your Mac requires OS X 10.9 or later.


ACEP Forensic Curriculum

Although the Emergency Department is often the entry point for victims of violence, emergency physicians receive little training regarding clinical forensic medicine. This online webinar will give the learner practical clinical forensic emergency medicine information and training. The lectures are given by forensic and emergency medicine experts. In addition to general forensic care principles, the program covers common ED complaints of adult and pediatric sexual assault, child abuse, domestic violence, and forensic aspects of motor vehicle collisions. In addition, the important concepts of forensic documentation and court testimony are discussed. April 2016


Educational Video for Patients and their Families Regarding the Appropriate Prescribing and Use of Opioids

In this video resource supported, Dr. Scott Weiner discusses what patients need to know in order to stay safe when using pain medications. It promotes shared decision-making between the patient and the physician prior to writing a prescription for an opioid. Share this resource with your patients on a cell phone, tablet or workstation on wheels. March 2016


ACEP TIPS & Peds EM Section Modified ASK Discharge Instructions for use in Pediatric Emergency Departments

This website includes files that can be downloaded and printed to be distributed to parents upon discharge from the emergency department. These discharge instructions are adapted from the ASK program (ASK Saves Kids), a non-profit program that encourages parents to ask if there is an unlocked gun in the homes where their children play. March 2016

Download it for free on iOS andAndroid


ACEP Toxicology Antidote App

The Toxicology Antidote app is a resource for emergency care providers to have easy access to dosing regimens for a variety of medications and antidotes used for common poisonings encountered in emergency medicine. It is a succinct resource designed for quick access that is essential to emergency care providers. February 2015


Ultrasound Credentialing in North American Emergency Department Systems with Ultrasound Fellowships: A Cross-Sectional Survey

White Paper, published in Emergency Medicine Journal, January 2015



Collaborative website designed to serve as a resource hub for clinical sonographers, ultrasound educators and researchers from around the world. The website focuses its efforts on resource limited settings, which can range from the developing world, to any location that does not have an established infrastructure for clinician performed ultrasound. December 2014


Chief Complaint–Based Performance Measures: A New Focus for Acute Care Quality Measurement

White Paper, published in Annals of Emergency Medicine, October 2014


Interunit Handoffs of Patients and Transfers of Information: A Survey of Current Practices

White Paper, published in Annals of Emergency Medicine, June 2014


Telehealth in Emergency Medicine: A Primer

This paper will give an overview of the definition of telehealth, its history, current technology, practical uses, cost and reimbursement, quality improvement measures integrated with telehealth, as well as potential risks and opportunities to its use.

Available for download on the Emergency Telehealth Section website. June 2014


Virtual Mentorship in Sports Medicine

The Sports Medicine Virtual Mentorship Program aims to facilitate the development of a mentoring relationship between experienced sports medicine/emergency medicine physicians and those individuals interested in pursuing further training or careers in primary care sports medicine. Launched March 2014


ACEP 101: A Guide for Young Physicians, 2nd Edition

A resource for any physician or those new to the practice of emergency medicine or new to ACEP, with information on all aspects of ACEP and ACEP opportunities for members at both the state and national level.

Available for download on the Young Physicians Section website. February 2014

  1st International Ambassador Program Convention
Pre-Conference Event held at ACEP13 in Seattle.
The International Ambassador Conference is now an annual event held at ACEP's Scientific Assembly. Proceedings from past conferences can be accessed on the International Ambassador Program page of the ACEP Section on International Emergency Medicine website.

Evaluation and Management of the Sexually Assaulted or Sexually Abused Patient, Second Edition

eBook available for download on the Forensic Medicine Section website. September 2013


Quality and Safety Implications of Emergency Department Information Systems

White Paper, published in Annals of Emergency Medicine, June 2013


Increasing ACEP Membership Worldwide with Innovative Educational Offerings: A Pilot Program

Simulation Program held at ACEP2012 Scientific Assembly in Denver.


The Taxonomy of Emergency Department Consultations—Results of an Expert Consensus Panel

White Paper, published in Annals of Emergency Medicine, September 2012

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