Pediatric Emergency Medicine

Section Committees - Research

MISSION:   To advance pediatric emergency care through research.


VISION: To create a research consortium among stakeholders with varying interest and expertise in pediatric emergency medicine. This consortium will collaborate on projects and provide mentorship to young investigators in the field of pediatric emergency medicine.



  1. To create an environment of research collaboration to address gaps in pediatric emergency care.
  2. To match young pediatric emergency medicine researchers with experienced mentors.



  1. In collaboration with section officers and the Pediatric Committee, inaugural champions will be approached to create the cornerstone of the consortium.
  2. Through in-person communication at the annual assembly and via teleconference, the research workgroup will discuss gaps identified on pediatric emergency care that require evidence-based research initiatives.
  3. Develop mentorship for prospective researchers to help identify funding opportunities and collaborators for research studies.
  4. Maintain an online resource on the section website to promote inter-institutional research collaborations
  5. Maintain an online list of funding resources for research on PEM topics.   




2017 Research workgroup:

Leader: Bashar Shihabuddin.

Samreen Vora.

Ilene Claudius.

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