Pediatric Emergency Medicine

Section Committees - Advocacy

MISSION: The Pediatric Section of the American College of Emergency Physicians supports efforts to advocate for the prevention and treatment of pediatric injuries and illness.


VISION: The Section will serve as a useful resource to help its members effectively advocate for improved emergency care of children at local and national levels.


GOALS: The Section will provide up-to-date information and evidenced-based medicine to guide state and national efforts that affect emergency care for children and promote effective advocacy on these issues for its members.



  1. Support EMSC (Emergency Medical Services for Children) funding and activities.
  2. Support access to high quality healthcare for all children in the US.
  3. Encourage and recognize advocacy work done by Section members using
  4. Communication of Section members’ advocacy efforts on its website, at section meetings and through e-mails and social media.
  5. Written resources on effective advocacy approaches on its website
  6. Funding of approved projects
  7. Awards for outstanding advocacy efforts
  8. Incorporate advocacy efforts in section meetings and publications
  9. Collaborate with other medical organizations on advocacy issues pertaining to children.


Curbing Gun Violence Advocacy Resources


2017 Advocacy Workgroup

Leader: Michael Greenwald   

Tim Ruttan

Kathy Brown  

Lenore Jarvis 

Joelle Simpson  

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