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Pediatric Development Quiz - 10/02

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October 2002
American College of Emergency Physicians Section of Pediatric Emergency Medicine 

Ghazala Q. Sharieff, MD, FACEP
Associate Clinical Professor
Department of Emergency Medicine
Children's Hospital and Health Center
University of California, San Diego
Director of Pediatric Emergency Medicine
Palomar-Pomerado Hospitals
San Diego, CA

Revised June 2011   


For the following questions, match the age at which the child is first developmentally able to perform the task:

  1. _________ Uses 3 simple words other than "mama"
  2. _________ Has a visual preference for the human face
  3. _________ Smiles responsively
  4. _________ Climbs on furniture
  5. _________ Balances on one foot
  6. _________ Rolls from front to back
  7. _________ Sits unsupported
  8. _________ Bears weight
  9. _________ Visually follows a moving object
  10. _________ Stands momentarily on one foot
  11. _________ Crawls
  12. _________ Walks
  13. _________ Follows a moving object (tracks)
  14. _________ Has pincher response
  15. _________ Cruises on furniture


  A. Newborn

  B.  1 month

  C. 4 months

  D.  6 months

  E.  9 months

  F.  1 year

  G.  2 years

  H.  3 years

  I.  6 years


   16. Which of the following histories obtained from a caregiver may adequately explain the injury?

     a. "My one-month-old baby rolled off the changing table and bumped her head."

     b. "My 6-month-old-baby crawled over to the iron and burned his hands."

     c. "My 9-month-old caught his leg on the crib and twisted it and that is how he got a femur fracture."

     d. "My 7-month-old stood up in the sink, turned on the hot water faucet and burned his feet."



    17. At what age does modesty begin to develop?

      a. Between 2 to 3 years of age

      b. Between 3 to 4 years of age

      c. After 3 years of age in girls and 4 years of age in boys

      d. Between 4 to 6 years of age.



   18. At what ages does object permanence and stranger anxiety develop? 

     a. 9 months

     b. 13 months

     c. 6 months

     d. 2 years       


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