Pediatric Emergency Medicine

Pediatric EM Section Case Study- Infant With A Rash

Mohsen Saidinejad, MD

Children’s National Medical Center

A 14-month-old male presents to the ED with a 12 day history of a maculopapular and papulovesicular rash seen in the following images. The mother reports that the patient has had a viral illness with fevers up to 103.5°F at home. The rashes are itchy and the patient has been scratching them, causing excoriation. The patient has also been more sleepy than usual and has had decreased appetite. On examination, multiple brownish and pink rashes with uniform morphology are noted. Similar-appearing and flat topped rashes are noted on the face, buttock, and both upper and lower extremities. The trunk and back seem to be spared. The rash involvement is symmetric in all extremities.


  Gianotti Crosti Syndrome-Image 1

A) What is the diagnosis?
B) What is the underlying etiology?
C) What is this rash associated with?

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