Pediatric Emergency Medicine

Noah Kondamudi, MD, MBA, FACEP, CPE

I have been a part of ACEP since 1998 and like most of you got busy with shifts, raising family and working hard to earn a decent living. As I got into leadership roles, I realized the need to contribute more to our profession and those young enthusiastic ones that are eager to follow us.

I graduated from Medical School in India, did my residency in Pediatrics at The University of West Indies in Kingston, Jamaica and came to the US to pursue fellowship training in Emergency Medicine. I completed my Fellowship at the Children’s Hospital Montefiore and then joined The Brooklyn Hospital Center as the Division Chief of PEM. I then moved to New Jersey where I was the PEM Division Chief at The University Hospital Newark and subsequently served for two years as the Interim Chair, Department of Emergency Medicine, Rutgers New Jersey Medical School. Two years ago, I moved back to The Brooklyn Hospital Center as the Chair for the department of Pediatrics and Division Chief of PEM.

I have previously served as one of the Board of Directors, ACEP (NJ) chapter and more recently accepted the challenge to lead and reinvigorate the Brooklyn Pediatric Society as its President.
I now have the time and experience to make a meaningful contribution to our section. I thought being one of the microsite editors would be a good place to start!

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