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Geriatric Emergency Medicine

Geriatric Emergency Medicine Section Objectives

The objectives of the Geriatric Emergency Medicine Section are:

  1. To provide a forum for the discussion of the special needs and issues which relate to the care and treatment of the elderly emergency department (ED) patient.
  2. To monitor, abstract, and disseminate literature concerning the elderly patient (where relevant to emergency medical care).
  3. To better understand the physiology of the elderly and frail elderly, especially as that knowledge relates to patient safety, reduction of adverse drug events, dosing implications, and the like.
  4. To support efforts to prevent injuries and illnesses in the elderly.
  5. To stimulate research in the emergency care of the elderly.
  6. To take a systematic approach to the ED care of the elderly, with an attitude of profound respect for the geriatric patient and a desire to continuously improve ED training and cultural attitudes towards aging, policies, protocols and guidelines, risk stratification, risk management issues, special equipment, prevention of illness and injury, and the impact of the ED environment of care.
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