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Geriatric Emergency Medicine


Section Officers & Staff

Kevin Biese, MD, MAT, FACEP
Lauren Southerland, MD, FACEP
Secretary/Newsletter Editor
Phil Magidson, MD, MPH
Immediate Past Chair
Ula Hwang, MD, FACEP
Maura Kennedy, MD
Alternate Councillor
Shan Liu, MD
Staff Liaison
Nicole Tidwell

This relatively new section is dedicated to improving the care provided to the elderly patient in the ED. Everyday, you treat people in this fast-growing population. This population has specific needs that you must address in a caring and creative manner.

This section provides a great opportunity for you to become a leader in the section and in the area of geriatrics. Section members have been invited to speak at the American Geriatric Society meetings and have collaborated in writing articles on emergency care and treatment of the elderly.

The Geriatric EM Section is now accepting nominations for the following two-year officer positions:

  • Chair-elect
  • Secretary
  • Alternate Councillor

If you are interested in getting more involved in the Geriatric EM section, becoming a section officer is a great way to do so. You can nominate a colleague or yourself! The deadline for nominations is September 1, 2020.

Contact GEMS Liaison.

Preventing/managing delirium in older ED patients during the COVID-19 pandemic (PDF)

COVID-19 is a geriatric emergency.

This peer-reviewed edition of J Geriatric Emergency Medicine has been prepared to share the most up-to-date (as of March 18, 2020) information possible regarding emergency treatment of older adults in the time of COVID.

Download PDF

Interested in Becoming an Accredited Geriatric ED? (PDF)

iScreenSeniors App

Geriatric Emergency Departments on the Rise

Watch Video.

ACEP Geriatric Emergency Medicine Section Teams with Emergency Medical Abstracts

With over 3500 new manuscripts popping up on PubMed every day, emergency physicians confront a significant challenge in keeping abreast of the latest research. Geriatric emergencies are no exception.  Recognizing this challenge, Emergency Medical Abstracts has graciously provided ACEP’s Geriatric Emergency Medicine Section access to their practice-changing or practice-enhancing review of hot-off-the-press geriatric research every month. The review will include (a) the EMA synopsis of the manuscript; (b) a link to the original research on PubMed; and (c) 5-minute audio commentary by EMA Faculty about the implications (or lack thereof) for daily practice in the emergency department. These reviews will appear on the new Geriatric EM Abstracts page. Thank you to Emergency Medical Abstracts for sharing this resource with ACEP and GEMS. 

GEMS members may send an email to all members of this section via the section e-list at acep_geriatricemergencymedicinesection@ConnectedCommunity.org


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