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Emergency Ultrasound

FOAM Ultrasound: #FOAMus Highlight


By Zachary Grambos, MD

Have you listened to all your podcasts? Caught up on EMRAP? Check out the brainchild of Dr. Michael Prats (@PratsEM) and Dr. Creagh Bulger (@CreaghB), the Ultrasound G.E.L Podcast. In this podcast, they Gather Evidence from the Literature (G.E.L) and discusses important ultrasound literature as it applies to the clinician-sonographer. You can find topics from cardiopulmonary ultrasound to the evidence on confirming your next shoulder reduction by ultrasound at the bedside. Drs. Prats and Bulger abide by the spirit of FOAM, making their podcast free for all potential listeners

Accompanying the mellow tones of the podcast is an infographic for each podcast/article. These are well constructed and make the already bite-sized podcast easier to digest for those of us with the minimal attention span of an ER doc, or if you need to reference the article during a shift. I think you could even read through the entire infographic in between signing the next EKG that gets plopped down in front of you.

You can get access to the podcast online (www.ultrasoundgel.org), on the iTunes store, or on Google Play. It’s free and there’s no membership required. So, take a listen during your next drive in to work or the next time you walk the dog and enjoy getting up to date on current ultrasound literature.

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