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Emergency Ultrasound

Chair’s Corner

John Bailitz, MD, FACEP

Thank you Michael Zwank and Laleh Gharahbaghian for another outstanding newsletter!

Regarding subspecialty accreditation for clinical ultrasound, ABEM received an update from the American Board of Medical Specialties (ABMS) on the possible Certificate for Focused Expertise (CFE) described at our section meeting last October. The time for public comment on CFE ended on January 15th. Additionally, ABEM and ABMS solicited input from other major EM and non-EM organizations. ABMS reports that there was considerable opposition outside of EM to a CFE pathway largely because of concerns about detrimental effects on existing specialties and the lack of oversight by the Accreditation Council for Graduate Medical Education (ACGME). At their February 24th board meeting, ABMS did not reach a final consensus, but instead decided to further explore the CFE option.

Due to the obvious complexity of this issue within ABMS and participating member boards, ABEM has likewise elected to continue gathering input from the EUS community and major EM organizations. An ABEM representative just participated in another panel discussion with our immediate past chair Dr. Resa Lewiss at the second annual Society for Clinical Ultrasound Fellowships this April. We look forward to again discussing this paramount issue with ABEM leadership at our section meeting this fall.

In the meantime, I strongly encourage all fellowship directors to meet with their Designated Institutional Official to determine the benefits and challenges of ACGME fellowship accreditation. Particularly be sure to discuss billing for services during fellow work hours and moonlighting hours, fellow salary and benefits, as well as required documentation. Likewise, discuss these issues with your EMS and toxicology fellowship directors. Alternatively, you are always welcome to share your insights with Dr. Schneider and myself directly.

Our section's website is scheduled to be upgraded by ACEP staff later this spring. New Website Committee Co-Chair, IT Legend Dr. Ben Smith, has been adding resources to our current site including an updated list of Community US Educational Resources by state as well as opportunities for Advanced Practice Provider training. We hope to have additional Simulation and Critical Care US resources posted shortly as well.

To increase opportunities for involvement in our vibrant section, a Special Committee has been convened of current Committee chairs. We are now finishing needed edits to our section's Operational Guidelines to better delineate officer responsibilities and Committee Co-Chair appointment terms. We will email the preliminary revisions to all members for input later this spring. Then we will vote on the amendments together at the section meeting, hopefully receive ACEP Board of Directors approval, and begin to implement in the fall of 2017.

Please contact me if you have any questions, suggestions, or would just like to connect and contribute to one our dynamic section committees!

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