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Chair’s Corner: Making Meetings Matter

 By Resa Lewiss, MD, FACEP

ResaLewissMeetings. Good in moderation, like most things. Something I think about and have read about is how to run a meeting. There are many books dedicated to this topic. One I would suggest as a start: How to Make Meetings Work by Michael Doyle and David Straus. A few aspects that are important to consider. The agenda, the recorder, the time allotted, the summary notes. These items can be modified based upon the formality or informality of the get together. People like structure and people like their time to be respected; consequently, the shorter and more focused the meeting, the more pleased people seem. I often designate someone to take notes ahead of time. This helps me to concentrate on leading the discussion, moving the conversation along, and tracking time. Send your summary notes as close to the meeting completion as possible. Otherwise momentum is lost and the action items fall to the bottom of people’s priority list. Play around with running your meetings. I think you will see a difference.

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