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Emergency Ultrasound


Accreditation - Mike Mallin, MD, FACEP, Vivek Tayal, MD, FACEP and Jerry Chiricolo, MD, FACEP

Purpose: The accreditation subcommittee was created in 2008 by the ACEP Board of Directors with the intention of developing an ACEP supported ultrasound accreditation program. Initially, our intentions were to offer emergency medicine (EM) accreditation in emergency ultrasound, helping to prevent other organizations from attempting to police EM. Then, came concerns about credibility and billing denials. Now, CUAP has become so much more. It's an opportunity to gain support from your hospital, the payers, your chair, whomever does not realize the needs and support required to run an ultrasound division!

The subcommittee members and ACEP staff have been hard at work for years now building, from the ground up, a meaningful, standards-based accreditation program, which we have called the Clinical Ultrasound Accreditation Program (CUAP). CUAP uses the ACEP Emergency Ultrasound Guidelines as a minimum standard to bring credibility and validity to our subspecialty.

Coming to the end of the year, we are extremely close to launch. The website development has been nothing short of an epic time investment that will hopefully pay off in the end with a streamlined, online application process that’s as easy to maneuver. We are currently completing final reviews and hope to be accepting applications in the next couple months.

Twitter - Jacob Avila, MD, John Bailitz, MD, FACEP, and Resa Lewiss, MD, FACEP

Official twitter account: @ACEP_eus
Official hashtag, #ACEPeus.

Twitter will be utilized to inform on official policy, stimulate conversation, and highlight practice changing research in our EUS community.

ACEP US Guidelines Task Force - Vivek Tayal, MD, FACEP and Chris Raio, MD, FACEP

Purpose: To revise and update the Guidelines for review by the ACEP Board of Directors by October 2015. A survey was sent to the section in the summer of 2014 to explore opportunities for improvement, and a preliminary meeting of section editors was held in Chicago.

Emergency Ultrasound Management Course (EUMC) - Alfredo Tirado, MD, FACEP, Vivek Tayal, MD, FACEP and Troy Foster, MD, FACEP

Purpose: The EUMC provides detailed information and tools to establish and maintain an emergency ultrasound program. The topics range from the role of the director, to specifics of machine purchase, and a very thorough explanation of billing. This subcommittee will work with planning and organization of the EUMC, while continuing quality of the program as well as updating topics that are relevant for Emergency Ultrasound Directors.

Goals for this year:

  1. Create a complete full day parallel Advanced Course
  2. Create new topics for Basic and Advanced tracks
  3. Expand on Breakout sessions


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