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Emergency Ultrasound

Chair’s Corner February 2016

By John Bailitz, MD, FACEP

First, I want to give a BIG thank you to Julie Rispoli, Dr. Sandy Schneider, and Dr. Resa Lewiss for coordinating an outstanding section meeting in Boston.

In keeping with prior years, the chair elect, Dr. Fields, immediate past chair Dr. Lewiss and I have reached out to each Committee co-chair to discuss annual goals and resources needed. To create a leadership structure to best serve our dynamic section, we have also formed a Special Committee of current Committee co-chairs to review and edit the Section's Operational Guidelines. Revisions will be sent via email to all section members next summer for discussion, followed by a vote at the October 2016 Section Meeting, with likely Board Approval at Scientific Assembly.

As discussed at the Boston section meeting, the American Board of Medical Specialties (ABMS) closed their open survey on a potential Certificate of Focused Expertise (CFE) Pathway on 1/15/2016. The American Board of Emergency Medicine requested final comments from the ACEP Board of Directors by 1/8/2016 as well. Hence, Dr. Schneider emailed the section recently for final comments. We appreciate the thoughtful email replies received from many section members.

While we await a final decision later this winter by ABEM and the ABMS on a possible CFE pathway for Clinical Ultrasound, I encourage all fellowship directors to meet with the Designated Institutional Official (DIO) at their center's ACGME office to discuss the potential advantages and disadvantages of ACGME fellowship accreditation. Per initial discussions with the DIO at my public hospital academic center, EUS exams performed during the fellow's training hours, as well as service provided clinical shifts required as part of a fellowship, could not be billed. However, EUS exams and additional clinical shifts for BC/BE fellows acting independently as EM attendings, outside of fellowship duties, would be billed for as per typical practice. However, this may differ by center. Additionally, you can always email Dr. Schneider or myself. Subsequent quarterly newsletters will continue to address this pivotal issue.

If you are interested in getting involved in our section, then please check out our current Committees on our section microsite. Then send me an email to get connected. Thanks Everyone!


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