Emergency Ultrasound

Emergency Ultrasound Section Newsletter - March 2020

Chair’s Corner By Nova Panebianco, MD, FACEP

Tips and Tricks: Time is Testicle- Mastering the Testicular Ultrasound Exam By Nehal Al-Sadhan, MD

Special Commentary:The Bigger Picture: Beware of the Pseudo-Lung Point By Kyle Pasternac, MD and Marsia Vermeulen, DO

Cases that Count: Using FOCUS (Focused Cardiac Ultrasound) to identify an atrial myxoma in the Emergency Department By Stasha O’Callaghan, MD and Marsia Vermeulen, DO, RDMS RDCS FACEP

Tips & Tricks: Supracondylar Fractures and POCUS By Zahra Ghazi-Askar, MD and Viveta Lobo, MD

Tech Update: Artificial Intelligence By Natwalee Kittisarapong, DO

Fellows’ Section: Diastology at the Bedside By Judy Lin, MD, FACEP and Samantha Chin, MD

Become Accredited! By Vivek S. Tayal, MD, FACEP


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Section Editors:

Advanced Practice Providers: Frank Norman and Dayna Jaynstein

Ask the Expert: Lawrence Haines

Cases That Count: Meghan Kelly Herbst and Marsia Vermeulen

Community Medicine: Carl Alsup

Critical Care: Maria O’Rourke

Fellows Corner: Arthur Au

International Ultrasound: Kristin Dwyer and Trish Henwood

Pediatric Ultrasound: Manny Singh

Residency Education: Elaine Situ-LaCasse

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