Emergency Ultrasound

FOAM Ultrasound: #FOAMus Highlight

It’s summer again and we are now looking back on another fine SMACC conference.  If you are not aware of this already SMACC stands for “Social Media and Critical Care.” It is a conference that has been occurring annually for the last four years and just finished its fifth iteration in Berlin. Previous locations have included Dublin, Chicago, and Australia. While the conference is not free, the podcast certainly is. You can find it on the iTunes store (SMACC Podcast). Now while you’re driving to work or out for a run you can have the SMACC team in your ear and hear from some of medicine’s best speakers on cutting edge topics in Critical Care. These talks are meant to engage and inspire in 20-30 minutes and cover topics including Airway, Prehospital medicine, Education, Ultrasound, and all things Critical Care. You can also find SMACC on social media so take a look and stay up to date on the latest SMACC info and find out where next year’s conference will be held.



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