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Dear ACEP Emergency Ultrasound Community:

As we all continue to toil along the path of sono-righteousness I wanted to give a few quick updates:

ACEP17 - It’s never too early to plan. Be sure to mark your calendars for the Emergency Ultrasound Section meeting, which is Monday, October 30 from 1-3PM.

APCA - Many more of you are being littered with offers to sign up for APCA, an external ultrasound certification company owned by Inteleos (who also owns RDMS). I’ve already discussed this a number of times in two previous newsletters and e-list messages so I won’t rehash it here. Also look for an article in the July ACEP Now and please share it with your colleagues. Our official stance is that ACEP does not endorse APCA or any other external certification entities. Don’t sign up.

Ultrasound Qualification Tracker Program - In June, the ACEP Board approved this program, which will allow any ACEP member to track their ultrasound scans via their ACEP online account (similar to the currently existing CME tracker). This member benefit will help with credentialing and demonstrating proficiency without the need for signing up for additional merit badge programs. More to come as this program develops.

TEE - In May, the ACEP Board approved the addition of TEE into the Emergency Ultrasound Imaging Criteria Compendium. With this approval the college acknowledges that TEE is within scope of practice similar to other modalities. Click here for the new TEE policy.

Subspecialty Certification - ACEP is working with SAEM and SCUF to help educate our membership on the two potential ACGME pathways towards certification: full subspecialty vs the designation of focused practice (DFP). After the ACEP meeting in October there will be a vote on which pathway is preferred. Prior to that vote we are planning to send out additional educational materials in August and have a virtual discussion/webinar event in either August or September. At ACEP17 in October, we plan to host a town hall discussion. Stay tuned for specific times.

I’m really excited about another awesome edition of the ultrasound newsletter. A big thanks to Michael Zwank and Laleh Gharahbaghian! I look forward to seeing you all in October (will be here before we know it!).

J. Matthew Fields
ACEP EUS Section Chair
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