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Fellow’s Spotlight: A Look at EUS Fellows’ Projects

Kristin Dwyer, MD, MPH
Ultrasound Fellow, Brigham and Women’s Hospital

Grace W. Wanjiku MD
Yale University, New Haven, CT

Grace Wanjiku ProjectGrace, an EUS fellow at Yale, is collaborating with the Emergency Medicine Kenya Foundation to train Kenyan rural health care providers on E-FAST, focused echocardiography, and obstetric ultrasonography. This novel program begins with a pre-course self-study multimedia manual and pre-course testing. After completing a 3-day hands-on training session, a post-test is administered. Then, 3-months after the training session, an in-facility evaluation is performed and then the participants receive a scheduled refresher training.

Grace is specifically involved in the in-facility evaluation, also known as “Ultrasound Safari.” This includes travelling to rural facilities and evaluating trainees’ competency using a computer-based test, OSCEs and structured surveys. Providers who pass are credentialed as PoCUS providers, while those that fail return for refresher training. During the “Ultrasound safari” there is opportunity for the learners to receive QA and additional training.

Twitter: gw_wanjiku #ultrasoundsafari

John Eicken, MD

Brigham and Women’s Hospital, Boston, MA

John EickenGallupJohn, along with Adaira Chou (co-fellow), Josh Rempell (Fellowship director at Brigham and Women’s Hospital) and Dana Sajed (Director of Ultrasound Education at Massachusetts General Hospital) travelled to Gallup, New Mexico for an ultrasound education course at the Gallup Indian Medical Center, which is part of the Indian Health Service (IHS). 

John and colleagues taught a three-day course on emergency ultrasound, incorporating both didactics and hands-on education. In addition to teaching the PoCUS core competencies, they also ran an ultrasound-guided procedure station. Over 40 emergency, surgery and internal medicine providers attended their course. In addition, while in New Mexico, they trained over 40 RN's in ultrasound guided peripheral IV placement. 

In addition to his work at IHS, John, along with co-fellow Adaira, are developing a PoCUS podcast educational video series, “SonoBites”….stay tuned!

Dasia Esener, MD, MS
Kaiser Permanente San Diego, CA

Dasia EsenerDasia graduated fellowship from Baystate Medical Center/Tufts University and is currently the Fellowship Director at Kaiser in San Diego, in addition to being co-chair of the Fellow Subcommittee ACEP Ultrasound Section.

Along with her 2 current fellows, Peter McCorkell and Khanh Cao, Dasia is continuing a study started by her fellow last year evaluating the use of PoCUS for cardiac output and volume status using carotid doppler in the Emergency Department as compared to the Cheetah as a gold standard. Her data analysis is in progress, so stay tuned. In addition, she is working on another project to improve ED flow through the use of PoCUS in the ED triage for pregnant patients with threatened abortion. EUS fellowship trained physicians and the fellows are contacted by triage in order rapidly diagnose IUP by PoCUS and expedite discharge without getting formal ultrasounds.

Joe Betcher, MD
University of Michigan

Joe BetcherAt the University of Michigan, a new 9-bed ICU has been opened in the ED. In response to this new space, Joe and his colleagues have begun a large-scale PoCUS education program which involves expanding attending US credentialing, and educating PA’s, medical students, and residents in internal medicine, family medicine and cardiothoracic surgery. In addition, the Survival Flight nurses have purchased 3 portable US machines for their helicopters and have also been participating in the ultrasound education rotation as well.

Given the overwhelming requests from multiple services for PoCUS education, Joe and his co-fellow Al will be studying the impact of the emergency critical care center on ultrasound education, finances and resource utilization as part of his fellowship.

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