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FOAM Ultrasound: #FOAMus Highlight

By Jacob Avila, MD

There are many ways to begin your peregrination into bedside ultrasound. Some prefer formal didactic courses, similar to our residency training, while others prefer to learn independently. Irrespective of your preference, one thing is certain: We must continue our education. One of the things I like about ultrasound is that it is constantly evolving. Techniques once considered standard of care have become obsolete as newer methods emerge. After a firm foundation is established, it is important to stay current. But how?

There are a handful of methods you can utilize: Online video services (such as Vimeo and YouTube), Podcasts, and websites/blogs. Probably the least efficient manner is to aimlessly peruse online video services. The ease at which individuals publish online, makes it challenging to find quality. The lack of a peer review process adds to the difficulty as well. Admittedly, there is valuable content which I will visit regularly, including Mike Stone’s and AEUS’s pages on Vimeo.

The easiest way to stay abreast would be to subscribe to specific podcasts, such as The Ultrasound Podcast, 5 Minute Sono, and the Ultrasound G.E.L. (Gathering Evidence from the Literature) podcast (full disclosure: I am involved in each) are the main. Ultrasound G.E.L is masterminded by Michael Prats. It provides brief, high-yield audio assessments of current ultrasound literature. The Ultrasound Podcast was conceived by Michael Mallin and Matt Dawson in 2011. This podcast reviews basic and cutting-edge applications and includes comprehensive interviews with experts in our field. Five Minute Sono was created by me in 2014 to provide succinct reviews of core applications but now includes novel concepts and interviews.

To download directly to your smart devices, open up your podcast app, click the search icon, and then type-in your favorite. It’s that simple! In the next ACEP ultrasound section newsletter, I will explain how to assess individual sites and how you can track each one.

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