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Chair's Corner

By Rachel B. Liu, MD, FACEP

Dear ACEP EUS Section

Spring season is upon us, so here’s some of our updates.

Website - We’re eagerly awaiting the new ACEP website so we can post some great new content from our subcommittees. This includes simulation cases using ultrasound, updated FAQs regarding coding and reimbursement, sample workflow and documentation processes, a trauma question bank, and pediatric ultrasound resources. I personally will be happy to stop seeing the December 2016 newsletter on our opening page, as nice as that IJ picture is. Watch for “call to action” emails to join subcommittees and the tasks they’re taking on. Getting involved is a great way to meet colleagues nationally, especially for junior faculty and fellows. This includes new SonoGuide chapters – email if you want to write!

Section Grants - We have 4 applications that are under review by the ACEP Section Grants committee. Thanks for your interest and commitment, it’s inspiring to hear project ideas that significantly benefit our community! Meanwhile, current projects including the critical care ultrasound ibook and the military & tactical ultrasound handbook for non-clinicians are well underway for launch later this year.

Publication - The Ultrasound Program Management book is now printed! This companion book to the popular annual ACEP Ultrasound Management course is the first published holistic resource that lays groundwork for program startup – a great asset for the clinical ultrasound community. Thanks to editors Vivek Tayal, Mike Blaivas and Troy Foster for their hard work! See it here: Ultrasound Program Management.

Subspecialty Certification - ABEM are pursuing the Designation of Focused Practice for Clinical Ultrasonography. This is not a surprise given discussion at the town hall during the annual meeting. They will receive input from the CUTF during this process, and we’ll get updates as they occur. In advance of that town hall, we held an online meeting over the summer which worked well. Keep your eyes peeled for similar online meetings pertaining to industry, reimbursement and other topics you’ll find interesting.

UQTP – Please continue referring your colleagues to the Ultrasound Qualification Tracker for long-term scan documentation - www.acep.org/ultrasoundtracker. Use of the site affects placement in the Dashboard of “My ACEP” when logging into your account.

Email Problems? - Some members are having issues receiving listserv emails, particularly with gmail accounts. Even my emails go to my own spam! If you’re having this problem, go to Settings > Filters and Blocked Addresses > uncheck ultrasound.section@elist.acep.org. Because of these issues, we’ll print some good material that was sent earlier this year.

Warm Thoughts,
Rachel Liu, rachel.liu@yale.edu
ACEP EUS Section Chair, @ACEP_EUS

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