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Chair’s Corner: Negotiation and Rejection

Resa Lewiss, MD, FACEP

ResaLewissNegotiation and rejection have a tight relationship. If you fear rejection, you are less likely to ask for what you want in your position as an ultrasound faculty member, fellowship director or division director - you are less likely to negotiate. However, I believe negotiation within your leadership position can be learned and practiced, just as you can practice comfort with rejection. A recent read and a recent listen support my premise: “Women Don’t Ask: Negotiation and the Gender Divide” http://amzn.to/1ARvQPc is a worthwhile book on why negotiation is different for men and women. Place this on your reading list if you want more protected time, resources, or even salary. These allow freedom to develop yourself, your division and your educator effectiveness. All of us are mentors and this will be useful in your mentoring relationships. NPR’s show “Invisibilia” recently ran an episode on Rejection Therapy (http://n.pr/1uQfjbR). The piece illustrates one man’s journey with gaining comfort with rejection. Take a listen. Get comfortable with rejection and you will find the courage to ask for the things you want for your job, for your career, and for your self-contentment.

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