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Emergency Ultrasound

Education and Training

Free Online Ultrasound Education  

  • Sonoguide: Ultrasound Guide for Emergency Physicians - Articles, videos, and images are now available from the ACEP Emergency Ultrasound Section for all emergency physicians needing training or review about using ultrasound for patient diagnosis, management, monitor, and treatment.
  • Online Emergency Ultrasound Exam - A free interactive modular exam covering all of the core applications of Emergency Ultrasound. Video, image and case-based questions for emergency physicians, fellows, residents and students to test their knowledge and understanding of fundamental aspects of Emergency Ultrasound. 
  • Sonoworld - Almost 300 lectures and a bunch of clinical cases from a variety of expert clinicians and sonographers. much, though not all, of it is incredibly relevant for point-of-care clinicians. free registration and some really high quality content.
  • Emergency Ultrasonography - Over a dozen lectures and a lot of cases - there's residencies out there using this site as their didactic curriculum for emergency ultrasound.
  • SAEM Narrated Ultrasound Lectures - Free on-line narrated lectures on a variety of EUS topics. Also see the link for the free pdf ultrasound guides hosted on the same site!
  • EUS Training Series - Free video picture-in-picture brief installments from the Vanderbilt EM crew.
  • 5minsono - 5 minute video blog series covering the nuts and bolts of nearly every bedside ultrasound modality.

Free ACEP iBooks

Emergency Ultrasound Fellowships

Emergency Ultrasound Preceptorships/Rotations

  • EUS Electives for medical students - First draft of available rotations for senior medical students, courtesy of Amie Woods and the 2011-2012 medical student subcommittee.

Emergency Ultrasound Simulation

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