Research, Scholarly Activity and Innovation Section

Section Officers & Staff

James P. D'Etienne, MD, MBA, FACEP
James Paxton, MD, MBA, FACEP
Secretary/Newsletter Editor
Vijaya Arun Kumar, MD, MPH
Gentry Wilkerson, MD, FACEP
Alternate Councilor
Justin Belsky, MD, MPH
Immediate Past Chair
Nidhi Garg, MD, FACEP
Board Liaison
Gabor Kelen, MD, FACEP
Staff Liaison
Loren Rives, MNA

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Resident Research and Scholarly Activity - A Primer

Emergency Care Research: A Primer - free electronic version

For novice investigators, the primer offers an introduction to emergency care research with a hands-on guide to initiating, completing, and disseminating research. The chapters in this manual address what emergency care research is, how to identify a research topic, find a mentor, address key issues in emergency care research, training in research, basics of grant writing, presentation of  research results, getting published, top 10 commandments of emergency care research, and how to start a research career.

Scientific Writing: Taking an Abstract to Manuscript
Resources to assist investigators in bridging the gap between abstract to successful manuscript publication.

Comprehensive statistics online textbook
Part I: Understanding Clinical Studies
Part II: Interpreting Medical Research

A basic primer on medical study design and research
ACEP Research Primer Book (PDF)

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Non-NIH International Grant Opportunities:

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EMF Grant Resources:

Number Needed to Treat
A powerful tool to communicate benefit and harm that both patients and doctors can understand.

Medical Calculator


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