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Andrew Milsten

Welcome to the disaster medical section’s website. The site is “under construction” as we strive to enhance it make it more useful to those in the disaster community. Over the next year, you’ll notice big changes in how we effectively communicate with section members. We hope to accomplish this in several ways. First, we will continue to produce quality newsletters. Second, we will use a developing subject matter expert list to get members involved in projects (please refer to my recent chair letter for details on this list and how to get added to it!). Third, we will finish the Newsletter Archive Section Grant project and make pertinent articles available on the website in a easily accessible fashion. And finally, we are redesigning our website. ACEP recently changed the look of its website, and we want to work within that, to design a website that is useful, functional, up to date and relevant not just to the DMS members but to the disaster medicine community at large.

 Please remember that the Section exists for the benefit of the members. All of wonderful things the section can offer it’s members are there, you just need to take action, become involved, show commitment, give up some time and make the effort. We want to hear from you. We want you to be involved. That could mean writing a newsletter article, helping with a grant, helping with a special project, or any number of other ways to get involved. Please, let your voice be heard.

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