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Critical Care Medicine

Book Review: Decision Making in Emergency Critical Care

Amit Pandit, MD
Critical Care Fellow, Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center

DecisionMakinginECCThis book is a concise and evidence-based text that will help you manage critically ill patients in the emergency department and beyond. Whether you find yourself in a busy ED or in the ICU this multidisciplinary handbook is designed to help you efficiently find the facts and incorporate them into the management of your patients.

Each chapter is carefully written and systematically highlights background information and pathophysiology, then transitions smoothly into diagnostics and management. At the end of each chapter is a brief summary of best practices and the most relevant literature presented in table format. This handbook is quite comprehensive in that it includes the knowledge base behind initial resuscitation and focuses on the intricacies of critical care. It is, however, not a replacement for a core emergency medicine text.

As an emergency medicine-trained critical care fellow, this handbook has a permanent spot on my desk. I have used it with great confidence to guide patient management on countless occasions. In the era of focused bedside ultrasonography I am happy to see that this important resource has not been overlooked; in fact, the handbook clarifies the principles of critical care ultrasonography in detail and makes use of graphics and photography to further support comprehension.

It also is a valuable resource covering advanced critical care without neglecting the basics. It will facilitate the dialogue between emergency physicians and intensivists especially in the climate of critically ill patients boarding in the emergency department. This handbook is a must for the emergency medicine-trained critical care fellow. However, I am sure that the text’s clarity and simplicity will make it appeal to residents, mid-level providers, and attending physicians.

In essence, this textbook is additional proof that the partnership between emergency and critical care physicians continues to strengthen within the common goal of delivering the best care to our sickest patients.

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