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Message from the Chair – Who is the Boss Today

SandyHermanI recall an afternoon that I spent with my father and we discussed his heritage and experiences as a small boy growing up in Eastern Europe. I was a freshman in high school and realized I did not know very much about his background. He was fluent in at least six languages and this seemed odd to me as everyone else only spoke English. So I asked how this could be. His explanation was actually quite simple as he explained the region was unstable and the rules and borders changed every few months. In order to survive it was necessary to speak many languages or dialects. You were never sure under whose rules you played by or who. So you learned a lot of different languages (I found out later they were all very similar).

With the current climate of EM and medicine in general mergers and acquisitions have drastically changed our playing field and life style. It has also impacted the care we deliver and our own mental health. We have once again risen to number one on the burn out charts. ACEP hosted a town hall at the last meeting of the Council also devoting space in ACEP Now to the subject. In the near future you might call a mega-group your boss or you might be working for a bank! There have been many articles predicting the future as to how EM might look down the road.

At past section meetings we have given out longevity awards and rehashed the past. It is time to look forward and envision how we will look in one, five or ten years. So I would like to do something a little different this year and look down the road a bit. The discussion this year will be future oriented as to what we should expect our specialty to look like. I am going to assemble a diverse group to once again discuss the changing landscape drawing on our past experiences. This will occur in Las Vegas (ACEP16) during the section meeting. I am hoping to fill the room for a continuation of last year’s council town hall.


Sandy Herman, MD, FACEP
Section Chair

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