Careers in Emergency Medicine

Longevity and Tenure Awards

The ACEP Section of Careers in Emergency Medicine is recognizing longevity in the specialty and is asking for nominations for awards to be given in two categories. 

  • Longevity Award for the physician with the longest active career in emergency medicine.
  • Tenure Award for the physician with the longest active career in the same emergency department. 

Recognition also will be given to those physicians who are still actively practicing emergency medicine after 20, 25, 30, and 35 years. To be eligible, prospective recipients must have worked an average of 1,000 or more hours per year in emergency medicine practice or teaching. Hours for residency training and administration are not included. Nominees also must be current ACEP members.

Previous applicants may apply every year. However, they may not win the same award within a 5-year period. Please submit a full historical sketch. For example, “Attending Emergency Physician, June 1974 to December 1979” is acceptable and must include details of the entire career along with a brief essay (300 words or fewer) about why the nominee made emergency medicine a career.

Award recipients will be recognized during the section's annual meeting in conjunction with ACEP's annual meeting in October. Additional recognition will be given in the section newsletter.

Applications will be accepted starting in February 2023. To be considered for the awards, nominations must be received by Friday, July 7, 2023.

Congratulations to the 2022 Award Winner!   

Tenure – 31 years
Gus Michael Garmel, MD, FACEP (San Francisco, CA)
Past Award Winners Award        Year Awarded
Kenneth T. Larsen, MD, FACEP Longevity 2019
George Edward Malcom, Jr., MD, FACEP Longevity 2019
Kashmir Singh, MD, FACEP Tenure 2019
Andrew J. Kontrick, MD, FACEP Longevity 2018
Arthur B. Sanders, MD, FACEP
Tenure 2018
Stephen Karas, Jr, MD, FACEP Longevity 2017
Medard Lutmerding, MD, FACEP Tenure 2017
Edward H. Heneveld, MD, FACEP Longevity 2016
John P. Santoro, MD, FACEP Longevity 2016
Douglas M. Hill, DO, FACEP Tenure 2016
Marvin A. Wayne, MD, FACEP Longevity 2015
Michael T. Fabrizio, DO Tenure 2015
Robert A Margulies, MD, MPH, FACEP Longevity 2014
William D Holsonback, MD Tenure 2014
George E. Malcom, Jr., MD, FACEP Longevity 2013
James C. Budde, MD Tenure 2013
Thomas R. Laird, MD Longevity 2012
Medard Lutmerding, Jr., MD, FACEP Tenure 2012
Constance J. Doyle, MD, FACEP Longevity 2011
Mark A. Swanson, MD Tenure 2011
Warren Appleton, MD, JD, FACEP  Longevity 2010
Norman Label, MD, FACEP  Tenure 2010
John Lazo, Jr, MD, FACEP Longevity 2009
Kent V. Carey, MD, FACEP
William M. Sanders, MD, FACEP
Tenure 2009
Joseph L. Dunford, MD, FACEP Longevity 2008
Kathyrn L. Kenders, MD, FACEP Tenure 2008
Bruce D. Janiak, MD, FACEP
David K. Wagner, MD
Longevity 2007
John A. Bushong, MD
Neil R. Joebchen, MD
Tenure 2007


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