American Association of Women Emergency Physicians

Welcome to American Association of Women Emergency Physicians

Looking for a section that will address your needs as an emergency physician and a woman?

Then, the American Association of Women Emergency Physicians is for you. It provides a broad-based network of support, guidance, and education in personal and professional leadership skills, especially for women emergency physicians, residents, and medical students.

In addition to the general objectives of the College as set forth in the Bylaws, the objectives of this section shall be:

  • 3.1 To promote the professional advancement and leadership skills of female emergency physicians.
  • 3.2 To promote mentoring opportunities and mutual support for female emergency physicians, including providing positive role models for medical students.
  • 3.3 To provide an opportunity for female emergency physicians to meet, interact and network with each other and with supportive male members.
  • 3.4 To develop and present educational programs that may be of particular importance or pertinence to female emergency physicians.
  • 3.5 To prepare and distribute an interesting, educational and informative newsletter for members of the section at a minimum of every six months.
  • 3.6 To serve as a resource to the College president, Board of Directors, College committees and ACEP members on issues relating to female emergency physicians.
  • 3.7 To develop a roster of public relations and legislative expertise of female emergency physicians.
  • 3.8 To provide a pathway for professional leadership development within the organization.

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Operational Guidelines (PDF)


Section Officers/Liaisons

  • Chair – Sarah Hoper, MD, JD
  • Chair-Elect – Carrie de Moor, MD, FACEP
  • Secretary – Lea Walters, MD
  • Senior Resident Representative – Alecia Gende, DO
  • Junior Resident Representative – Jessica Krueger, MD
  • Immediate Past Chair – Tracy G. Sanson, MD, FACEP
  • Councilor – Lea Walters, MD
  • Alternate Councilor– Elizabeth Dubey, MD
  • ACEP Board Liaison – Alison J. Haddock, MD, FACEP
  • Staff Liaison – Rachel Donihoo

Section Contacts

  • For inquiries, questions, or comments about the section, please send an e-mail to the staff liaison.
  • AAWEP Section Members may send an e-mail to all members of this section here.
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