Tellers, Credentials, and Elections Committee

Tellers Committee members conduct voting on resolutions and elections during Council meetings, work to achieve 100 percent representation at Council meetings, provide assistance to new councillors, and monitor the Council floor.

Requires attendance at the annual Council meeting and a committee meeting the evening prior.

The 2021 Council meeting is October 23-24, 2021, in Boston, MA.

Chadd Krauss, DO, DrPH, MPH, FACEP (PA), Chair
Dave Barry, MD, FACEP (GS)
Jessica A. Best, MD, (TX)
Sara Brown, MD, FACEP (IN)
Douglas M. Char, MD, FACEP (MO)
Angela P. Cornelius, MD, FACEP (LA)
Justin Fairless, DO, FACEP (TX)
Justin Fuehrer, DO (NY)
Andrea Green, MD, FACEP (TX)
Cecilia Guthrie, MD, FACEP (OK)
Heather Heaton, MD, FACEP (MN)
Nathaniel Hibbs, DO, FACEP (CO)
Marianna Karounos, DO, MS, FACEP
Catherine Keay, MD, FACEP (WA Alt)
Rami Khoury, MD, FACEP (MI)
Penelope C. Lema, MD, FACEP (NY)
Mike Lozano, Jr., MD, MSHI, FACEP (FL)
Donald L. Lum, MD, FACEP (Workforce)
Catherine A. Marco, MD, FACEP (OH)
Eric E. Maur, MD, FACEP (NC)
Kurtis A. Mayz, MD, JD, MBA, FACEP (IL)
Howard K. Mell, MD, FACEP (Tactical)
Diana Nordlund, DO, JD, FACEP (MI)
Ashley B. Norse, MD, FACEP (FL)
Jeff Norvell, MD, FACEP (KS)
Mark Notash, MD, FACEP (MA)
John H. Proctor, MD, FACEP (TN)
Harry Sibold, MD, FACEP (MT)
Susanne Spano, MD, FACEP (Wilderness)
James D. Thompson, MD, FACEP (CO)
Nicole Veitinger, DO, FACEP (OH)
Matt Watson, MD, FACEP (GA)
Lindsey M. Weaver, MD, FACEP (IN)
Luis C. Zapata, MD, FACEP (NY)

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