Resources for Chapter Leaders

Whether you are an individual looking to get involved with your state chapter or a chapter looking for ways to develop future leaders, the resources on this page are designed for you. 

Leadership Development Programs by Chapter

Since the first chapter leadership program was developed, several states have developed their own, unique programs to enhance the development of leaders within their chapter. Several chapters have contributed resources from their programs to aid other chapters in developing their own programs to meet each chapter’s unique leadership needs. For the most up-to-date information on a chapter’s program, please see the state chapter’s website or contact the state chapter directly.

Emergency Medicine Residents' Association: EMRA Leadership Academy


Chapter Leaders Session at LAC

ACEP offers a session specifically for current and aspiring chapter leaders during LAC. If you're looking for strategies to be more effective in your role as a chapter leader, don't miss this session!  the 2019 edition featured a strategic planning "how-to" session as well as topic-based roundtable discussions where leaders could share success stories, discuss challenges and learn from their peers. To request a copy of the slides and handouts, contact ACEP's Chapter Relations team


ACEP Tools & Resources

  • Resources for Chapter Officers: Would you like more information regarding leadership development for your chapter? Are you a new chapter officer and would like more information about running a chapter? Whether you have been an officer for a year or two, or are a new officer, you will find helpful information. There is also a list of chapter mentors by small, medium and large chapters.
  • Chapter Leader Calls: There are up to two audio conferences for chapter presidents and executive directors every year, typically in February and August. These calls are a live audio conference with the ACEP President and President-Elect and other leaders and staff to share trends in the states, updates on pertinent national and state issues, and to provide input to the national leaders on areas of concern to chapters. Find out when the next call will be held or access the recording of the last call.
  • Chapter Grant Program: The first leadership development program was developed through the chapter grant program. For more information on how to apply for a chapter grant or ideas from past grants refer to program page.
  • ACEP Committees: ACEP Committees provide important leadership to ACEP members, its Board and Council. Each Committee is appointed by the President to assist with activities for the year. Committee members serve for a specific period of time and are accountable to the President for achievement of assigned objectives. 
  • ACEP Sections: Connect with your colleagues! Network with other experts in the diverse areas of emergency medicine and find your niche! Sections are a pathway for professional leadership development within the College.
  • ACEP Council: The ACEP Council consists of members representing ACEP’s 53 chartered chapters, its sections of membership and 4 other emergency medicine organizations. The Council elects members to the Board of Directors and ensures "grassroots" involvement in the democratic decision-making process. The Council is a deliberative body that meets once a year for two days in conjunction with the College’s annual Scientific Assembly. The Council votes on resolutions which may be introduced by any member (as long as there are at least two people who co-sign the introduction of the resolution). Contact your chapter to find out how you can become a Councillor or Alternate Councillor and represent your chapter at the ACEP Council meeting


Not finding what you're looking for or have any questions? Contact ACEP's Chapter Relations team

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