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Services to Chapters

The College provides a number of services to its 53 chapters. For more information about any of these services, please contact the Chapter & State Relations Department via email or at 800-798-1822, ext. 3142.

ACEP Resources for Chapter Leaders (PDF) 
Quick reference of the services ACEP provides to chapters in the areas of chapter management, membership and state advocacy. 

Chapter Executives Forum
This comprehensive one-day program is planned with the chapter staff executives to discuss issues, share expertise, and provide an update on national activities. Currently there are two forums per year, one in conjunction with the Leadership & Advocacy Conference and one at ACEP's annual Scientific Assembly.

Chapter Executives Leadership Summit
The 1.5 days Leadership Development Summit provides Chapter Executives with the tools to become more effective leaders by gaining insights and developing a strategic mindset. The mixed format includes lectures, roundtable discussions and workshops on a variety of topics such as: Chapter governance and Leadership development; Financial management; Strategic planning; Succession planning, Membership development versus membership marketing; Non-dues revenue opportunities; Value of Building a Strong, Advocacy Presence, etc.

Chapter Executive Director Orientation
The national office will pay for a new chapter executive director to come to Dallas for a one and a half day orientation and meet with several different departments. The Chapter and State Relations Department holds the orientation once a year, and recommends that the new executive be on the job for at least six months before coming to the orientation.

engagED – Online Member Communities
An online community is an engagement tool that all chapters have at their disposal. It’s a great way for members to connect with each other; a place to share resources, ask questions and discuss current issues facing emergency medicine in your state. It can be used to mobilize members to advocate for or against a bill introduced in your state legislature. Get engagED

Chapter E-Newsletter
Chapter Services will produce and distribute a quarterly chapter e-newsletter to your members. This is a free service offered to assist chapters with limited resources. For each issue, the Chapter must provide at a minimum a letter from the president of the chapter or other leader, and a calendar of chapter events. The national office will supply clinical or state advocacy content, a list of new members to the chapter and any other valuable information for the chapter. If you are interested in this free service, contact the Chapter Services Manager.

Chapter Website Service
For chapters that might be interested, ACEP will design and host your chapter website. If you are interested in this free service, contact the Chapter Services Manager.

All Chapter Audio Conferences
There are up to two audio conferences for chapters chapter presidents and executive directors every year. These calls are a live audio conference with the ACEP President and President-Elect and other leaders and staff to share trends in the states, updates on pertinent national and state issues, and to provide input to the national leaders on areas of concern to chapters. Find out when the next call will be held or access the recording of the last call.

Resources for Chapter Leaders
Whether you are an individual looking to get involved with your state chapter or a chapter looking for ways to develop future leaders, the resources on this page are designed for you.

Leader Visits to Chapters

  • This program now has a 2-year rotation schedule ensuring that each chapter has a visit from a leader at least once every other year at no expense to the chapter. The leader visit program provides an opportunity for chapter leaders and national leaders to interact and discuss issues of importance to both. A chapter may also request leader visits at other times at the chapter's expense.
  • All requests for leader visits to chapters should be directed to the Chapter Services Manager.
  • A 30 minute national update is required as part of the leader visit.
  • The Leader Visit Request form must be completely filled out before requesting a leader.
  • Learn More about the Leader Visit Program

Staff Visits to Chapters

  • The Manager of Chapter Services, the Director of Chapter & State Relations and various other ACEP staff are available to visit chapters and provide assistance on a wide range of topics upon request by chapters.
  • Frequent topics of interest for visits are long-range/strategic planning, political education, state legislative activities, public relations activities, membership recruitment, marketing and retention, general chapter assistance, issues development and practice management activities and trends.
  • Requests for staff visits should be directed to the Chapter Services Manager.

Business Services

  • Various items are provided at cost to chapters. They include business cards, stationery, and other assistance as needed.
  • All requests for business services should be directed to the Chapter Services Manager. Requests MUST come from the chapter executive director or the chapter president.

Assistance with Membership Drives

  • The Membership and Communications Department assists chapters in conducting membership drives. Assistance includes developing recruitment and promotional letters specific to the chapter, providing promotional assistance, tracking results and assisting with mailing as needed.

Annual Leadership and Advocacy Conference

  • This annual event features workshops, presentations, networking and idea sharing to assist chapter officers, staff and leaders in their leadership roles and responsibilities and in their legislative efforts. Highlighting the conference are the visits to the Hill where members meet with their legislators or legislative aides. 

Fundamentals of Chapter Management

  • This is a basic "how to" manual for chapters. It includes topics such as budgeting, planning meetings, and creating an effective organization. Fundamentals has "nuts-and-bolts" information to help leaders and chapters to be successful in their activities.
  • The complete Fundamentals manual is available here.

National/Chapter Relations Committee

  • Appointed by the President of the College, the National/Chapter Relations Committee is composed of staff executives of chapters, past presidents of chapters, and active members of chapters, and staff from the national office of ACEP. It advises ACEP on chapter needs and issues, monitors the chapter grant program and assists chapters and national to ensure a healthy relationship. The Chapter Services Manager is the national staff liaison to the committee.
  • Chapters are encouraged to contact the Chapter Services Manager or the Chair of the National/Chapter Relations Committee about issues they want to bring to the attention of the committee.

Chapter Clearinghouse

  • Chapter Services continues development of a clearinghouse of chapter policies, activities, programs and other ideas to facilitate sharing between chapters and to avoid "re-inventing the wheel" by chapters.
  • To suggest ideas and to obtain a list of topics for the clearinghouse, contact the Chapter Services Manager.

Other Consultation as Requested

  • A chapter may request assistance in a given area at any time and staff will work with the chapter to provide help as needed.
  • Contact the Chapter Services Manager for information.


State Legislative Office Services and Resources

The Chapter & State Relations Department is the center for state legislative activity. It collects and disseminates state legislative and regulatory information concerning state legislative processes and issues. For more information, visit the State Legislative Office Services and Resources page


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